2018 Laver Cup (World vs. Europe)

The 2018 Laver Cup (World vs. Europe) started September 21 and ended September 23. The top six European players competed against the top six players from the rest of the world. Team World led the tournament for the first time in Laver Cup history, by the close score of 8-7. Team Europe won the next two matches and won the tournament 13-8. Roger Federer and John Isner competed in the first match of the final day.  John Isner had three match points, and winning one of them would have put Team World up 11-7. But Federer fought bravely, winning all three match points and holding on to win the match 6-7 (7-5), 7-6 (8-6), 10-7. This comeback put Team Europe up 10-8, and all they needed was one match to win. Kevin Andersen and Alexander Zverev competed In the final match.  Anderson led the super tie-breaker 7-6 and served the next two points (a substantial advantage given the strength of Andersen’s serve). Zverev, however, went on a 4 point run (winning both of Anderson’s serves) and won the tie-breaker 10-8.  This win clinched the Laver Cup for Europe 13-8.

The Laver Cup is different than every tournament except Davis Cup (another team event).  A regular tournament you play by yourself or just with one other person. In the Laver Cup, the top six European players compete against the top six players from the rest of the world. The format of the matches also work differently than a lot of other tournaments. Instead of playing a normal best out of five set match, you play a best of three sets and if each player wins one set, the  you play a super tie-breaker as a third set. The tournament is also based on points instead of different rounds where it’s do or die. The Laver Cup is first to 13 pints and the number of points you win for winning a match is based on what day it is. On day one each match is worth one point, on day two each match is worth two points, and on day three each match is worth three points.

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