3 cute crafts to do when you have nothing else to do

  1. cute nutella jar. You will need a jar of nutella, foam paper, and two markers. Remove the label from a nutella jar. Cut a white strip of foam paper and hot glue* it to the nutella jar. Use a marker to draw a cute face and another to write nutella below it. You can do this with a lot of other things, too.

*you might want to get adult help for this.

2. cute cups. For this you need paper cups, foam paper, markers, and paint. Take the cups and paint them different colors. When it dries, make a cute face with markers then cut and hot glue* accessories made of the foam paper.

3. cute bread keychain. You will need clay, markers and a keychain ring. Make a piece of bread out of clay, poke a hole for the keychain ring, and bake it. Then, draw a cute face and attach the keychain. You can do this with a lot of other things too.

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