6th Grade Basketball Champions!!

bball1On February 15, 2017, Ross School girls won the championship game against Marin Horizon.

It was a cat and mouse game, as neither team was ever leading by more than 10 points. The Ross girls had lost to this team two times before, so the pressure was on.

During school, the sixth grade girls were in the gym at opportunities. They were practicing their zone defense, so that they could defend #17. Before, they were playing man to man defense, which was not really working. So, the girls had to find a way to contain the ball and not let anyone on the other team get close enough to the basket to shoot and score.

Before the game everyone seemed anxious. When the tip-off went, Alex got to the ball, tipped it to Brooke, and Brooke passed it to Natalie who drove in to the basket. That was how the first point of the game was scored. At halftime, it was a tied game. When they got back on the court, Ross scored the first point.

“5..4..3..2..1..0”. The Ross girls won their championship game. Everyone in the crowd was on their feet. The girls were so excited that they had won their championship game. Although Marin Horizon was a very good team, Ross came out on top.



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5 Responses

  1. Shari Byrnes says:

    Congratulations on winning the championship! All your hard work and determination paid off! Well done 6th grade girls!

  2. Mrs. Rodgers says:

    Congrats Ladies. A job well done!!

  3. Stacy Marshall says:

    Congratulations to our athletes and to Ms. Hager! This is a job well done. Your determination and persistence are to be commended!

  4. Jessa Hager says:

    I am so proud of the determination and grit shown by the 6th grade girls at Ross School! They kept a positive attitude and played well together. Congratulations Champs!

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