A Halloween Class at Ross?

A new class has sprouted up at ross school, Halloween.

In this class, taught by Bill Leschoheir, students make Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations, and even Halloween booby traps. They make these projects using tools such as drills, ahls (a tool used to puncture wood), saws (electric and hand saws), 3d printing machines, a laser cutter, and many other tools. Mr. Leschoheir also provides materials such as colored plastic, plastic pipes, metal pipes, wood sticks, and a variety of woods that come in all different shapes, types, and sizes.

Part of the day he teaches Algebra 7 and Algebra 8, which he started in 2017. He also teaches other electives in the afternoon. Some relate to making anything creative out of wood, metal and plastic, and others to technology and microcomputers such as Arduino and Woodshop. All of his classes are taught in the Fab Lab, which is located in the lower branch of the middle school hallway.

In Halloween, you can also work on learning how to use an Arduino, in order to make animated objects. Owen, a student in Halloween, stated “The Halloween class is spooky.” So far, in the class kids have made jump scares, costumes, costume props, skulls made of milk jugs, book stands, and Halloween bags. You might want to watch out on Halloween, because some of their ideas might be dangerous!


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