A New Study Showing Once Again that Phones Cause Cancer


A few weeks ago, scientists in London found a new study showing once again that cell phones cause cancer.

Scientists started this experiment in 1995 and it ended in 2015. Throughout the years it tracked how many people were being diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a form of cancer shown to only be caused when there is an active use of phones. In 1995, there was 953 cases of GBM. Then, after the study was done, in 2015, there were 2,531 cases. Quite a large jump, over 1,500 more people with cancer. After adjusting the age groups, they used a statistical method to use the varying risks to balance the data. This showed that older people in general were more likely to develop cancer. The data also showed that the overall incidence had doubled.

“The paper itself is not about cellphones; it’s just about this change in the tumors … but cell phones seem like really they’re the most likely cause,” lead author Alasdair Philips, a trustee of the charity Children with Cancer UK, told CNN. This quote shows us that not only do scientists in London agree with this experiment and the outcome of its data, but scientists all around the world do and are also conducting similar to the ones in the UK. This is a well known study because people want answers on their health and how it is affected by their everyday use of phones.

Most kids these days have phones at young ages. Lately, you could see kids with phones anywhere. Ages that some kids start using phones can be as early as six years old. Scientists think that this will affect our generation along with many others coming later. One student said that he/she remembers seeing people with phones in third grade. There will be no surprise when the age keeps getting younger and the amounts keep getting larger for kids with phones.

In conclusion, scientist keep resulting with more and more experiments showing how phones can cause cancer. Also, studies keep telling people how numbers in cancer chances keep rising because of the constant technology use.

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2 Responses

  1. Shanna Rader says:

    I appreciate your article, Josie, and agree with these studies’ conclusion. It would be helpful to have some resources available (studies) to refer to and support this argument! Keep up this good work and continue to pursue health related issues! Bravo.

  2. Idie Weinsoff says:

    This is scary and sad. I wonder if the worst way to use the phone is by putting it up to one’s ear. I see people holding it away from their heads and carrying on a conversation that way. I think about this a lot…and thank you for making me more aware. And we need to do more to help young people limit their time on cell phones!

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