An Interstellar Asteroid Passes Earth

Aloha, Oumuamua! On October 18th Astronomers from Hawaii spotted a asteroid in our solar system. Know one has ever seen anything like this Asteroid before, especially from another solar system from another universe. This interstellar rock is as long as a football field and 10 times as long as it is wide.

This Rock is moving 85,700 miles an hour passing through our solar system. The rock has high metal contents and spins on it’s own axis every 7 hours. The interstellar space rock has the name Oumuamua, a Hawaiian name. This has now opened a new door to learn from other solar system and other universes. This was the first real evidence of an interstellar object.This large object has a great significant of ice, water, but no signs of dust. This object was about 19 million miles away from earth but scientists could still easily pick up the rock with a telescope. We found out that this rock came from another constellation called Lyra and now moving toward the constellation called Pegasus. This is the first interstellar object we have ever seen, and hopefully not the last.

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  1. Aiden Aley says:

    Great story!

  2. Willy Baker says:

    Wow Conner! This is a really interesting story. I also liked your hook, it was very catchy.
    Thanks for spreading the knowledge,
    VVilly Baker

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