Author and Illustrator of New Book Gutsy Girl, Speak at Ross School

On Wednesday, November 16, The author of Gutsy Girl, Caroline Paul, and the illustrator of the book, Wendy McNaughton, informed Ross school about their new story.

Author Caroline and the illustrator Wendy talked about their what the meaning of ‘gutsy.’ The word gutsy sounds like a weird word but, it is not. The definition of gutsy means to be daring, show courage, spirit, and turn fear into a way to push yourself even more.

Author Caroline talked about her childhood, her childhood created the idea of this book. Caroline deiced to tell a story about her childhood . One story from this book was based of of a story from Caroline Paul’s life. When she young she heard about a race with boats that were made of milk cartons ans she wanted to do that, and build a milk carton pirate ship. She went around collecting milk cartons from neighbors, and no one believed in her. Eventually she collected 388, milk cartons and built a milk carton ship. But never ended up racing.

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