Boba Tea!

Boba is one of the new fads in the land of food. Why does it taste so, so good? where are some places where I can get boba?

Boba tea is a new, delicious trendy drink that every one is drinking. Why does it taste like heaven in your mouth when you sip boba?

Well, the liquid part is a mixture of milk, a flavor ( brown sugar, taro, etc.), sugar, and usually green tea or black tea (unless you order it as a latte- no tea). This part is called the milk tea. The boba part is little tapioca pearls that were put in a large pot of sugar- milk- water mixture.

The places you can buy boba usually are in San Francisco and Palo Alto, but there is one place in Marin.

First stop: San Rafael.

In San Rafael there is 4th Street, and on 4th Street there is a place that sells boba called Quickly. Quickly has lots of asian foods, or “asian fusion” as it says on Yelp.

Quickly Reviews- 3 stars, 101 reviews;

Next Stop: Stonestown Mall.

In the Stonestown mall there is lots of boba places. There is 85°C bakery cafe, Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea, and Tea Fm. I have been to 85°C and Yi Fang. Yi Fang is delicious, and 85°C is okay. They both have the delicious brown sugar kind, which Quickly does not have that.

Yi Fang Fruit Tea- 3 1/2 stars, 218 reviews

85°C bakery cafe- 3 stars, 89 reviews

Tea Fm- 3 1/2 stars, 153 reviews

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