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Personally, I love sushi. A lot of people do. They are many types, flavors, ingredients, and appearances. Tons of people love sushi. Where are some good places?...


Introducing: My Champion

A brand new addition is coming soon! My champion is a section where you can email us about YOUR hero. It could be someone picking up trash...


Boba Tea!

Boba tea is a new, delicious trendy drink that every one is drinking. Why does it taste like heaven in your mouth when you sip boba? Well,...


S.T.E.M Car Crashes!

4th grade S.T.E.M students have been studying energy transfers. They watched a video about cars slamming into other cars and walls at different velocities. Next, They experimented...


The Importance of Spanish

Some people do not get how important spanish is. Just imagine how hard it is to be a spanish teacher, with the kids goofing around and calling...


The floor is LAVA!!!!!

The new game floor is LAVA! Almost every one is playing that new game.If you want to play here is how you play. walk around and...

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