Coastal Cleanup Day Statistics

On September 16, 2018, the largest annual volunteer event in history occurred. According to the California Coastal Commission website, in California alone, over 65 thousand people volunteered, and over 769 thousand pounds of trash were picked up, with 25% of Coastal Cleanup agencies yet to report their data. 623 thousand pounds of that was sent to the landfill, and the other 146 thousand pounds were recyclable. Do you remember when California banned the use of plastic grocery bags?

Well, over 70% less plastic bags were found in California this year. Crazy, right?  Imagine if California started banning the use of coffee cups, or cozy’s? There were no certain grouped statistics for the amount of plastic straws collected, but the number is apparently incredible. Would you think of using a mug, or metal straw for your morning coffee? Or, how about if you forgot your mug… would you get a plastic cup, or would you decide you don’t need your coffee that bad? Plastic is arguably one of the most harmful things in the world to the environment, as it never disintegrates, or just “goes away.” If you had to pick one plastic item to ban from the environments perspective, regarding your personal preference, what item would you pick?

California Coastal Commission statistics:

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  1. Shanna Rader says:

    This was wonderfully informative and motivating! We should all ask ourselves these questions! I love using my Yeti mug everyday, but I am always disturbed by the excessive plastic wrap used on vegetables in supermarkets. I wonder how we will be a more environmentally responsible society in the next 5 years? Thank you for writing about this!

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