College Football Playoff Rankings

With some unbelievable games in the conference championship, the top four college football teams have been decided. The top six teams all had a chance to make the playoffs going into the final week of the season, and everyone won except one team. Here are the top six teams who all had a chance to make the top four and make it to the college football playoff.

#6: Ohio State

Despite a very impressive season with only one loss, Ohio State didn’t make it to the college football playoffs. Ohio State looked sloppy throughout the season. The only game they looked good in was the game against Michigan. With a great win against Michigan, who was the four seed at the time,  Ohio State was seeded sixth, but the two teams ahead of them both had impressive performances that prevented Ohio State from moving up in the rankings. Even though they won against Northwestern and Georgia, Georgia had a great game against Alabama, the one seed, and Ohio State had no reason to move up. Ohio State will play fifth ranked Georgia in the Rose Bowl on January 1, 2019, their coach Urban Meyer announced he would retire on January 2, 2019.

#5: Georgia

The number five team in college football is Georgia. In the final week they were the four seed, but after a loss to number one ranked Alabama they dropped in the rankings. Georgia was the closest team to beating Alabama. They were winning by 14 with 11 minutes left in the third quarter. This is when Alabama made their comeback. Alabama’s best player, Tua Tagovailoa, cut the lead to seven with a touchdown. On Alabama’s next possession, Tagovailoa got hurt and the backup, Jalen Hurts, came in. On that possession Hurt tied the game at 28 all with a rushing touchdown. When Alabama got the ball back, Hurt’s led them down the field again and threw a touchdown to DeVonte Smith. They took the lead by seven. Georgia had one more chance to score, but the Alabama defense held up. Georgia lost with a final score of 35-28, the closest game Alabama played the entire year. Georgia’s loss to Alabama caused them to fall in the rankings, had they won, they probably would’ve taken the three spot and Alabama might have dropped to the four spot. Georgia will play six ranked Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

#4: Oklahoma

Although throughout the season Oklahoma’s defense had been struggling, Oklahoma’s unbelievable offense kept them high in the rankings throughout the year. Oklahoma’s one loss was to Texas, ranked 15th, who they played in the final week. Heading into the final week, Oklahoma needed to show that their defense wasn’t so bad. They did just that against Texas. Oklahoma had been letting up 40 or more points per game heading the previous four weeks before the final week and still won all of them.  They proved to everyone that they could stop a top 15 opponent. Everybody already knew Oklahoma had a fantastic offense with Kyler Murray, the Heisman winner, Marquise Brown, a wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb, another wide receiver, and Trey Sermon, a  running back. The main reason Oklahoma made the playoff is their offense along with a 12-2 record. Oklahoma will play one ranked Alabama in the semi-finals of the college football playoffs.

#3: Notre Dame

Notre Dame had an unbelievable season. They went unbeaten at 12-0. With a win against Michigan, ranked 7th, Northwestern, ranked 22nd, and Syracuse, ranked 20th. Their quarterback, Ian Booker, had 2,468 passing yards and 19 touchdowns passing. With a quarterback, Notre Dame also has a great running back in Dexter Williams. Williams had 1045 yard from scrimmage and 13 touchdowns during the season. Notre Dame let up an average of just 17.25 points per game and showed everyone what their defense is made of. Notre Dame will play number two Clemson in the semi-finals of the college football playoffs.

#2: Clemson

With an unbelievable quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, Clemson is an overall complete team. Trevor Lawrence replaced Kelly Bryant during the season and has led Clemson to a great season. Clemson running back, Travis Etienne  has 1,569 scrimmage yards and 22 touchdowns in the season. Clemson’s defense let up an average of just 17.69 points per game. Their offense scored 45.4 points per game. They won every game by an average of 27,71 points. Clemson had quality wins over Syracuse and Texas A&M. Clemson has the two spot in the college football. Clemson will play Notre Dame in the semi-finals of the college football playoffs.

#1: Alabama

Alabama is ranked the best college football team. They have great wins against LSU, ranked 11th, Georgia, ranked 5th, Texas A&M, ranked 19th, and Missouri, ranked 23rd. Their tightest game was against Georgia. This game was a rematch from last year’s championship game that Alabama won.  In that game Tua Tagovailoa came in and saved the game for Alabama with a game winning touchdown in overtime, in that game Tagovailoa replaced Jalen Hurts. Against Georgia in the final week, Alabama was down 14 when Tagovailoa scored a touchdown. On Alabama’s next possession, Tagovailoa got hurt and Jalen Hurts replaced him. Hurts scored two touchdowns on the next two possessions, one rushing and one passing, leading Alabama to a seven point win against Georgia.  They have been able to blow out every team they’ve played except Georgia. They beat LSU, the three seed at the time, in a shutout, 29-0. Alabama will play Oklahoma in the semi-finals of the college football playoffs.

The top four teams, Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma, advance to the College Football Playoff. The one seed plays the four seed, and the two seed plays the three seed. The winner of each game plays in the college football final, whoever wins the final is crowned the best team in college football. Alabama will play Oklahoma in one semi-final, and Clemson will play Notre Dame in the other. The winner of each game will play in the college football playoff.


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