Does Ross School Have a Good Editor and Chief

Does Ross School have a good Editor and Chief?

In a newspaper, there are many roles, ranging from the staff writer who’s job is to write as many stories as possible, to the editor and chief, who approves all the stories, and publishes them. The Editor and chiefs job is to approve stories. This is a hard role because it is based on the judgement of the Editor and Chief. The Editor and Chief this year, Justin Goldin, a student at Ross School, is in charge of the Ross Bear Post. This quarter, less than half of all of the stories posted have been unapproved. Is this good judgement, or bad?Image result for Newspaper

Also, the Bear Post got off to a slow start with having less than five stories published after the start of the year, but got around 18 stories published in one day. This changed because under the order of the Editor and Chief, the members of the Bear Post put their stories aside to help edit and publish stories, definitely a good choice by Justin Goldin.

After this jump of published stories and shout-outs to the bear post from the Ross Bear Cast and the electronic board in Ross School, the viewership of the bear post went up by a multiple of three to around a hundred a day!

The Editor and Chief, Justin Goldin, has made many choices during his stretch of more than a month as Editor and Chief. Is he a good Editor and Chief? He has raised the viewers of the Bear Post, and taken charge of the situations at hand, and should be seen as making generally beneficial judgments.

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  1. Mrs. Becker says:

    I didn’t know that Justin was the Editor and Chief! Bravo, Justin. I hope he pruufreads gooder and learned a lot frum hiz ELA teechurs. Oh, wait, that’s me!

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