Donate for Ross Food and Fund Drive

From October 29 to November 20, Ross School will be having a Thanksgiving food and fund drive to donate to the Marin Food Bank.

Although this may seem crazy, 1 out of 5 people in Marin have an unstable food source and may not know where their next meal may come from.  So, it is up to the more fortunate to make sure that people in our own figurative backyard do not go hungry. Students can help end hunger in Marin in two ways: donating food or donating money.

By donating food, students can directly help hunger in Marin. They can donate canned meats, tuna, soup, chili, fruit, vegetables, and beans. They can also donate peanut butter, whole grain rice, pasta, and oats. These will go to the Marin Food Bank, who will then distribute these goods to people in need. This food drive is also a competition, and the grade who donates the most food will get a movie and popcorn during their science class.Image result for sf marin food bank

Another way to help is by donating money. Although this may seem less effective than donating food, the food bank can turn a single donated dollar into two meals. This means that donating 6 dollars could feed a family of four for a day. The food bank is able to do this by collaborating with farmers and grocery stores to get their discarded or not up to store standard food. This may just be an apple with a slight bruise or a smaller than usual pear. The homeroom that donates the most money will receive their choice of cupcakes or brownies courtesy of Mrs. De la Porte.

Although a few dollars or cans may seem insignificant to the students of Ross, they could mean the difference between going hungry or being satisfied for one of the 20% of Marin without a stable food source. So on Monday, October 29, don’t forget some food or a couple dollars from your piggy bank. Alex Bergholt, one of the eighth graders  running the drive, commented, “It feels good to give back to the community. A handful of cans or a couple dollars can make someone’s day a whole lot better.”

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