Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano rattle Indonesia

On September 28th, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake rattled Indonesia followed by a tsunami topping 18 foot waves.

The death toll hit 1350 as of October 2nd and is predicted to rise quickly as survivors and displaced residents are becoming desperate for food, water and fuel. Just 2 months before the tsunami and the earthquake hit, a previous earthquake hit with a magnitude of 6.9, killing almost 600 people. “(The)Road is lined with people begging for food and water,” said Fatwa Fadillah, program manager for disaster risk reduction at Catholic RImage result for indonesia earthquakeelief Services. “They are thirsty and afraid, because they don’t know when they will get reliable access to water.” The earthquake destroyed 1,747 structures and after shocks are predicted to come later. After the destruction, natural disasters did not stop. Three volcanoes in Indonesia erupted a few weeks after the earthquake. The volcano eruptions have caused more victims of the earthquake and tsunami to panic. Scientist still do not know if the three disasters were connected.



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