Fortnite Season 4 Review

        On May 1, 2018, with much anticipation, Epic Games released season 4 in their Fortnite: Battle Royale, which included many new skins, new spray paints, map edits/additions, as well as many popular cool dances. This update has been huge for Epic Games, and tens of thousands of people have bought the new Battle Pass, and are grinding for the new Omega Skin tier 100, and the Groove Jam.

        Fortnite is a real-time PvP Battle Royale, where 100 people are sent into the map, and only 1 person comes out, with structures spread across the map, and a “storm” closing in, which does more damage over time, to force people to go to the middle of a particular zone. You get weapons such as grenades and guns, with better or worse ranks to represent if a weapon is better than another. You can also build in game, with a variety of shapes that you can build, and also traps that can give you advantages in fights. There are items you can obtain throughout the game, that give you an intimidation factor, but no real competitive boosts.

         The Battle Pass has a hero/villain theme. Season 4 includes all of these things. There are 100 tiers in it. Each tier, for the battle pass, which costs $9.50, (in v-bucks, the Fortnite currency) you get at least 1 thing every tier. For the free pass, you don’t get nearly as much items, and it isn’t as cool. Every tier costs 10 stars. You can get these stars for completing daily and weekly challenges, as well as leveling up. Some of everyone’s favorite dances that Epic Games add in season 4 are Hype, Orange Justice, and Groove Jam. There are also many new skins, such as Carbide, Technique, Omega, Battlehawk, Valor, Squad leader, and Zoe, all in the battle pass. Another feature they added is spray paint. You can spray it on a wall, and it will show up. The skins Carbide is said to be the hero skin, and the Omega is the villain skin. Both skins can be leveled up, which is a new feature, to unlock armor including masks, leggings, and a chest plate. You can also get a special pickax by leveling the skin up. These skins are leveled up when you use them and complete special challenges, which are very hard to do. There were also gliders, pickaxes, and backpacks added into the Battle Pass.Image result for fortnite season 4

Also, Epic Games added a new map and new weapons. Recently, a new burst AR was added, which comes in epic and legendary rarities called the Famas. In this same update, Epic Games added apples, which heal you up 5 for every apple, and can be found under trees. The map was changed in multiple places. Mainly, the Hero Mansion was added near Snake Road, on the far right of the map, and the Villain Missile Base was added on the hill near Snobby Shore. Dusty Depot was also hit by a meteor, and is now much larger, and named Dusty Divot. Also, small meteors hit the map, adding small craters. In Dusty Divot and the small craters, there is a new items, Hop Rocks, which make you have no fall damage, and less gravity. Risky Reels was also added, a new location in the game, and a film area in Moisty Mires. A secret base was also added under Salty springs in the blue house. It is located under the newly added basements staircase, and has lots of additional loot. New houses were also added in the map, but are mostly overlooked. Also, little secret bunkers were added, with nobody knowing what is inside them because of their unbreakable roof.

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