Fun activities to do when your bored:

1. Try to make a sentence with all the letters of the alphabet but, Here’s the catch: The sentence has to be only 25 words, I know. Attention: READ VERY CAREFULLY

2. Make a board game: All, you have to do for this activity is: 1. Get a piece of paper, 2. Pick a theme for your board game (i.e a TV show you like), 3. Make your game pieces to play with like chess!, 4. Finally, Put the board game together! And There you have it! Your very own board game!

3. Scary… (sibling required) If you are getting tired of your siblings, it’s prank time! How to: 1. Look up any device scary sounds repeated a couple hours (depending how late your sibling sleeps) 2. Make sure that your sibling is about to fall asleep, say goodnight to them, and sneak the device under the bed. 3. When they are almost asleep, turn the music on, and let them have spooooky dreams!

4. (sibling or parent required) If you want to scare a fellow friend, then this trick is for you! All you have to do is: 1. put a walkie talkie under their pillow. 2. Wait for them to get in bed, then talk into it! you can say whatever you want, and let them be completely freaked out!

Bonus: Try to make 100 drawings in 30 minutes. The drawings can be as detailed or not detailed as you want!


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