Gabriella’s Gift this 2018

This year’s Gabriela’s gift is open now for donations.

If you don’t already know, Gabriela’s Gift is a donation program. People can donate through the Gabriela’s Gift program to kids who are in the hospital over Christmas. The program was started by the Wells family. They got this idea after their daughter, Gabriela, was in the hospital over Christmas. Gabriela Wells said “Gabriela’s Gift is personally significant  because I know how tough spending long periods of time away from home fighting to get better can be.”

The joy and the happiness of gifts, positive energy and love can be as important as any medicine to help children and their families get through tough times. 

The donations go to UCSF Hospital. They take all gifts from toys to gift cards. Items can range from gifts for babies to teenagers. Gabriela also said that in order to pick a gift that can be donated, “just think what you would love to get from someone, and I’m sure that would be perfect.” The donation is now starting up again, so come donate. If you are looking to contribute and donate to patients of UCSF, donate to Gabriela’s Gift.

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