Gel Manicures Are Proven to Increase the Risk of Cancer

Dermatologists realizes that gel manicures can increase the risk of cancer caused from UV light.

Recently, the new trend has been gel manicures, which are long lasting nail polish that hardens under UV light. This is done to protect your nails and have them stay pristine longer. But the result after a a young girl took a visit to her local nail salon many change their opinion.

This women was Karolina Jasko who was getting ready for the US pagentant. Although the 20 years old explained that it was not the gel itself that caused it, it was the UV light that her hands were under.Image result for gel nails

“I got this black vertical line on my fingernail and I never really noticed it because I had acrylics,” she said.

But when 18, she went to her doctor to see if the lines where okay. When she came out, she was diagnosed with melanoma.

However the first of her having melanoma was still high because she had it in he genes.. but, still, we warn all to be cautious. There are two steps you can take to prevent melanoma. First, apply sunscreen. Secondly, wear protective gloves.

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4 Responses

  1. Susie Becker says:

    Golly! I didn’t know about this. Luckily, I keep my nails natural most of the time. Thank you for the information, Grace.

  2. Courtney Rodgers says:

    No nail is worth it! Promise.

  3. Jessica Crivello says:

    I have gel on my nails right now! Thanks for keeping us ALL in the loop!

    Mrs. Crivello

  4. Stacy Chinn Chinn says:

    Wow! I didn’t know this-
    Makes me glad I don’t use the gel on my nails!

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