Gott’s Roadside Has Gott My Vote


Do you like high-quality hamburgers?

If so, come check out Gott’s Roadside. Open since 1949, Gott’s has almost 20 years of experience in creating food that is delicious, and makes you feel good about what you’re eating. Because Gott’s is busy at this time of year, the line is generally pretty long, and I must say, the quality does affect the pricing, as the food is pretty expensive. On the menu, an Impossible Burger is about $13.00. If you aren’t on a tight budget, Gott’s is a great experience and is super yummy.Image result for hamburger

When I dined at Gott’s Roadside, I ate a California burger, which is a sort of  breakfast meal, featuring a fried egg, bacon, cheese, arugula, and more. Other burgers on the menu are the Kimchi Burger, who’s ingredients are pretty much self-explanatory, and the favorite of many, the Impossible Cheeseburger, which is out of this world. The chefs have been intricately planning the secret recipe to this vegetarian burger for a very long time, and it pays off. When biting into this juicy delight, it only slightly tastes like the plants it is made of. One Impossible Burger consumer at Ross School says, “The Impossible Burger was decent, for what it is. It has a similar taste to red meat, but it is definitely not the same.”

However, Gott’s Roadside does not only have hamburgers. They have many other kinds of food, such as salads, soups, chili, seafood, hotdogs, and sandwiches. It also sells a wide variety of drinks, from wine and beer to milkshakes and root beer floats. Although Gott’s Roadside has a couple of flaws, it always has the food and drink to satisfy cravings and is a place that I definitely recommend.  


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  1. Susie Becker says:

    I had a very good salad at Gott’s a few weeks ago, and I thought it was worth the price. As you wrote, the line was very long. Mr. Becker and I waited over an hour for our dinner on a Friday night. Luckily, a very nice seventh grader (her name rhymes with Annika!) and her father were in line behind us, so we were able to talk with them to pass the time. Nice job on this!

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