Hawaii is Going to Ban Some Sunscreens Because They are Killing the Coral Reefs

In May of 2018, Hawaii may have to start banning sunscreen because it is hurting the coral reeves.

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Hawaii is the first state to ban sunscreen. But don’t worry, they will not have to ban all sunscreen. They will only have to ban the sunscreens that contain the chemicals Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. During your next vacation to Hawaii, you may have to reconsider what sunscreen to wear.

Research has shown that the chemicals in some of the more popular and more often-used sunscreens is toxic for the coral reefs. This can cause viral infections that cause coral bleaching.




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3 Responses

  1. Idie Weinsoff says:

    Yikes! It seems like everything we humans do damages the environment! Thanks for the info. Wish I were going to Hawaii…but when I do, I will remember this important information.
    Thanks Natalie!

  2. Stacy Chinn Chinn says:

    Thanks Natalie. I’m glad Hawaii is banning these types of sunscreen. I use sunscreen daily and I always make my children wear it, but we purposely buy the type that does not chemicals that damage the environment. If they hurt plants and animals, they can’t be great for humans either!

  3. Mrs. Paltrineri says:

    Wow, those chemicals are in almost all brands of sunscreen! My first grade reading group are studying coral reefs right now so we will read your article this week. Thanks for the info!

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