Hurricane Florence Raged in North Carolina and South Carolina

North and South Carolina were in a deadly hurricane named Hurricane Florence. About 1 million people had to flee the west coast because of the storm. Rescue teams came and saved civilians. They put them into safer places in the bordering states like Georgia.

On September 14, the winds picked up to 140 mph at 8 pm ET. The average wind speed was around 100 mph and every day it seemed to get faster and faster. Everyone who was affected by the storm needs some help to get back on their feet. You can help them by sending care packages or donating money to hurricane relief. 32 people died during the storm, 26 in North Carolina and 6 in South Carolina. Also 12 dogs were saved in North Carolina because their owner left them in a cage and a rescue team had to save them. A river in North Carolina set a world record, it’s 35.4 feet tall! The storm dropped around 35.8 (2 feet 11.8 in) inches of rain in each area in North and South Carolina. On September 10 Hurricane Florence became a Category 4 hurricane. Later on September 13, the storm was a Category 1. Although, at Category 1, it still had a big enough force of wind to make trees lose there roots in the ground. The hurricane did about 38 billion USD* worth of damage to homes. By September 17, over 800 homes where destroyed in North Carolina.Image result for hurricanes

On September 18, 2018, the hurricane stopped. At the end of the hurricane, there were 45 deaths in total and many places have over 30 inches of rain fall. In 1954, a hurricane that hit North Carolina winds picked up to 130 mph and damaged over 15,000 homes and killed 19 people and that hurricane was the biggest hurricane before this one. Making this one the biggest one that North Carolina and South Carolina have ever seen

* United States Dollars


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