Is Technology Getting Creepier?

Is it getting creepy that technology, including Alexa, is advancing?

Yes it is, in my opinion. A new software update on Amazon’s Alexa is coming soon,  and she is going to have memory. Designers wanted this so that she could have easier conversations where the user didn’t have to say her name to activate her help. I see their point, but do customers of this product really want to have Alexa remembering everything that is said in their household?

Alexa is very helpful in many ways, but recent shared experiences have proven that Alexa can be rather disturbing at times. For example, Alexa has started laughing at random times, whether someone was sound asleep or asking how much time was left over in their workout. Soon after, Amazon figured out what was causing the problem and fixed it. However, it will take a while before Amazon will regain the trust of their consumers.

A while ago, Alexa was having a conversation with a six-year-old and she ordered a $170 dollhouse and four pounds of cookies. How did this happen? Well, the 6-year-old girl, Brooke, had been talking with Alexa about things she liked, such as cookies and dolls. In the conversation, Brooke probably mentioned that she liked cookies, and Alexa probably asked her if she would be interested in four pounds of cookies. Brooke most likely answered yes, and the order was placed then and there. There was probably similar dialogue when the dollhouse order was placed.

Overall, we should definitely watch out for how technology is evolving before it’s too late.

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