Man Sued $105M For “Treating” Cancer Without License

On November 1st 2018, a self-proclaimed “Cancer expert” was convicted of practicing medicine without a license, and is now facing a charge of 105 million dollars in a civil lawsuit brought by a former patient who had a terminal illness.

Robert O. Young is being sued by Dawn Kali, the Cancer patient. Young is the author of many best-selling books, such as The pH Miracle which promote alternative theories of Cancer and other diseases.

Kali and Young had a five-day trial, in which Kali testified that Young had promised to cure her Breast Cancer without Chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Young presumably claimed that all Kali needed to do to defeat her tumor was to simply cleanse her blood and avoid sugars, which costed her thousands of dollars for the massages, colonic therapy and baking soda infusions she received at the Miracle Retreat Center in Valley Center.

But, in 2013, when the Cancer spread to her bones, Kali freaked out and looked for immediate help from a medical Oncologist for more traditional medical treatments, like surgery, radiation and Chemotherapy.

In the end, Young was sued for a grand total of $105 million. This was composed of $1 million worth of medical expenses, $15 million in punitive damages, and an astonishing $89.5 million in past and future pain and suffering, and Young is serving a three-year eight-month sentence for practicing medicine without a license. The doctors say that she only has 4 years left to live with her 4 kids, but she is very optimistic she will last longer.

I have one final question. Would you rather have four years left to live with $105 million dollars, or would you rather live out your life normally?

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