Mrs. Heilmann’s 5th Grade Kindess Project

Have you ever spread kindness?

Kindness, by definition is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Mrs. Heilmann and the fifth grade classes are finding a new way to spread kindness all over Marin. This project started right here at Ross School and is spreading to other schools in Marin.

These fifth graders are making rocks and kindness messages to send to other schools around Marin, and the special thing about this is that the fifth graders are delivering these rocks in person to those school. Every student gets to deliver the rocks to a school and every student has a speaking role when they are presented to other 5th grade classes.

The fifth graders started the project in October of 2018, and they explained that it could go on for a long time. The project is kind of like a boomerang effect but with kindness. Rocks and kind messages will get passed from school to school all over Marin.

Because of the fifth graders delivering these rocks in person, they are making some great friendly connections with students at other schools. These kids are even showing more kindness because some of these schools that are receiving rocks do not have the ability to deliver rocks to other schools, so the Ross’s fifth graders have offered to return and deliver the Kindness Kits themselves.

The fifth graders say that kindness is important because without kindness the world would not be a good place, and when spreading kindness you can make someone’s day. Kindness is even more important these days because of all the bad things that are happening that we can not control. So learn from the fifth graders at Ross: spread kindness and make someone’s day.


Images: Mrs. Heilmann

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