Pros and Cons About Different Ski Resorts

It’s almost winter break and the snow is coming down in Tahoe. This is a guide to help you decide where you might want to go skiing next!

Squaw Valley Ski Resorts:

Squaw Valley is a great place to ski for hard-core skiers. Squaw Valley is located in Olympic Valley, Tahoe. Squaw held the 1960 Winter Olympic Games and became a big hit after. Some great things about Squaw include black diamond slopes, and you might get a chance to mingle with some well-known skiers. Plus, Squaw Village is great for all ages with many shops, restaurants, and activities.
Even though it’s a great place for hard-core skiers, Squaw is not amazing for skiers who are beginning. It can be daunting with the large number of people that come to ski there. Squaw’s ski runs are short so you’ll get to the end of the mountain faster than you think and there are a lot of trees on the ski routes. Lastly, everything is expensive, so always bring more money than you think!

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort:

Sugar Bowl is great place to learn how to ski because they have calm ski slopes for children and beginning skiers. They have pretty hard courses too. Sugar Bowl has a great ski team for competitive skiers. Sugar Bowl has a great clubhouse for amazing hot chocolate. It’s also one of the closest ski resorts to the Bay Area!
If you are hard-core skier, Sugar Bowl might not be the place for you because of the inexperienced skiers roaming around on the mountains.

Homewood Ski Resort

Homewood is a amazing place for a great family experience with amazing views of Lake Tahoe. Plus, many locals ski there, and they have a 2-mile ski run that offers outstanding views. Alongside the awesome views, Homewood is affordable to everyone. If you were part of the military you get to ski for free!
Cons:Image result for homewood ski resort
There is not a village located at the bottom of the mountain and the lifts that bring you to the top of the mountains are slow and might need some upgrading.

Northstar Ski Resort

Northstar is like Squaw but has different unique things. First they have a charming village with many outstanding restaurants, great shopping, and even an ice skating rink. The ski slopes provide great views and the gondola lines aren’t that long compared to other places on this list. “The lines don’t get crazy and the resort doesn’t get hectic,” says Jackson Adams, a skier from Northstar.

Northstar may not be the best for advanced skiers because of the lack of advanced terrain.

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