Ross Halloween Carnival this Friday!

On Friday, October 26, Ross School will be hosting their annual Halloween Carnival for grades K-5, in hopes to raise a plentiful amount of donations for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Cedars of Marin.
The carnival will begin at 3:30 pm this Friday and end at 4:00 pm, this time set in direct relation to an average family’s schedule. The carnival games will consist of a ring toss booth, an estimation jar booth, a feel the creep booth, a candy fishing booth, a guess weight of pumpkin booth, a ghost bowling booth, and a bean bag toss booth. The entrance fee is a mere $3; amazing for families and still, because of the donations and volunteering of Ross middle schoolers, a very profitable price. Because of the fun activities and easy accessibility of the carnival, this event has become one which the entire school looks forward to all year long.
When interviewing student council members on their choice of charities, I gleaned some interesting information. Pippa Harris, student council vice president, stated “We chose to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we wanted to help out. We chose to donate to Cedars because we always try to donate to a local charity, and Cedars, being in Ross, was the perfect choice.” These charities were chosen with careful consideration and democratic process and a lot of thought.
When asking the student council the effect of this event, Pippa Harris’s and Justin Goldin’s answers truly stood out. “The halloween carnival is a beautiful opportunity for the entire elementary school to come together and express their beliefs as a whole. I am really excited to contribute to this miracle, ” said Pippa Harris, student council vice president.
“I, Justin Goldin, student council president, think that the Ross School Halloween Carnival is a truly creative way for the Ross elementary students to unite, and in the process, bond.” These student council members are extremely devoted to their work, and seem as if they will not stop until their work is complete.

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  1. Sophia L says:

    We’re hoping to set a record for attendance – if you have a younger sibling, let them know about it!

  2. Student Council says:

    Thanks to all who came! We raised $700 for Cedars of Marin and Breast Cancer awareness.

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