Ross School Johnny Doughnuts Food Day!

On December 13th at lunch, the Ross School Student Council has decided to hold a food day.

The Food Day will be Johnny’s Doughnuts. Many 8th grade students think that Johnny’s Doughnuts was the best food day from last year. We are all glad they are bringing it back. “I am glad I get to eat a doughnut at school” an eighth grade student said.

The doughnuts will be five dollars each. There is a limit at one doughnut per person. If you are in middle school, there will be a form in your email that you will need to print out and turn in to Mrs. Crivello by 3:30 on Tuesday, December 5th. On the page there is an option for either a “Classic Glaze” doughnut, or a “Classic Chocolate” doughnut. You will need to turn in exactly five dollars or a check made out to Ross School.

Enjoy your doughnuts!

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