Ross School Playground Rules

At Ross School, Four Square and other playground games cause plenty of arguments about who’s in, who’s out, and who’s cheating. Many people have argued with their friends over playground games. The yard duty staff doesn’t like it when students yell at each other. ”It is very disruptive when the kids start arguing about the rules,” says Hilke Weston, a yard duty staff member. In this article you’ll learn about the rules of the most popular games at Ross School, and hopefully this will eliminate any arguments in the future!

Four Square

Four Square is a great game to play during recess or when the field is closed, but it’s a game where huge arguments can start.

Here are the rules:
1.) There should be four players in the game.2.) The person A square, should serve to the person in C square to start the game.
3.) Each player should only hit with his or her hand and the ball should only bounce once in each player’s square.
4.) If the ball hits the line it’s out. Also if the ball lands out of the square it’s out as well. The person who hits the ball out, should go and get the ball and wait in the back of the line and cheer for the people in the game.
5.) When someone gets out the next person has to go to D square even if there is one open besides the D square.
6.) The people in line should not be on the line. They should be at least 3-5 feet away so it gives space for the players that play without interference and/or delay from people watching in line

Just like Four Square, Tetherball is also a game that makes students argue about the rules. Here are the rules:
1.) Each player is allowed to serve once each game
2.) When the game is in motion no players are not allowed to touch the rope holding the ball or the pole.
3.) No player in the game is allowed to go to the other players area. From that the opposing player gets to serve.
4.) Up to four players are allowed to play.
5.) You win by having the rope fully wrapped around the pole.
6.) You are not allowed to hold the ball because it would be called a carry and will result in a foul.

Wall Ball

Wall Ball is also a major game were many people argue over who is in or out. Like the other 2 games on this list, outdoor teachers hate it when the students argue.
Here are the rules:
1.) Only one tennis ball is allowed.
2.) Up to 10-12 players are allowed to play. The rest has to wait in line for their turn.
3.) Only allowed to play Pop in – Pop out.
4.) When out, run to the end of the line and wait until you are at the front of the line.
5.) When you are in front of the line, you have to wait until someone gets out. When someone’s out that’s when you can enter the game and go around trying to get people out.
6.) If someone catches a ball directly off the wall, the thrower is out.
7.) If you fail to pick up or catch the ball you have to run to the wall.
8.) If you do fail to catch the ball, and someone throws the ball and the ball hits the wall before your get to the wall you are out.9.) Tie or close to a tie goes to the thrower to make the game go faster.
10.) When someone throws the ball and it hits off the wall and goes far away, every has too race to the wall including the thrower. If you are last to the wall you have to get the ball.

These are the rules for the three most popular playground games at Ross School.
If you want to know more about a different game please comment below. Thank you.

Hilke Weston, yard duty staff member

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