Ross’s Locker Problem

As you may know, Ross is a very small school. With a small school comes a need for space and for that reason we have very small lockers. They are approximately 16.75 inches tall, 11.25 inches wide, and have a depth of 16 inches. The small lockers don’t give students enough space to store things. . Ryan Herbst, a Ross Middle School student, commented, “The lockers have no room, and don’t even have room to fit my binder. I wish they were bigger so I can fit more of school supplies and lighten my backpack load.” This leads to a different problem.  Below all the lockers are hooks. There are 73 hooks for 120 kids, and most kids use the downstairs lockers, creating a mass pileup of backpacks and jackets and extra bags all over the floor. When middle school students go out to break or lunch, they toss their backpacks, jackets, and other things on the floor, blocking people and tripping them. The Ross Fire Department also wants the halls clear, in case of an emergency. If they need room to get through the halls with a hose and a lot of people need to get out in a rush if there was a fire. Also, if there was an injured student in critical condition, then they could be in trouble.

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If there were any issues regarding backpacks or clutter in the halls in an emergency, then Ross could get sued. Many people think administration should take this issue more seriously, as they don’t seem to care very much about where students place their bags and clutter. Last year the teachers had meetings with students as a group about where to put their backpacks, and how they would be issuing out detentions to students who didn’t comply with these rules, but they never followed through with this topic, and it slipped out of everyone’s minds.


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    I agree. I never can find a hook to put my backpack on to!

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