Self Driving Cars Hit the Streets of Great Britain

In Great Britain, around the year of 2020, they plan to release self driving cars to the streets to prevent less accidents.

This new, improved car has multiple interesting features. For instance, it allows you to sip your hot chocolate without worrying about keeping your hands on the wheel or keeping your eyes on the road for a long period of time. The self driving car will not be careless and, fail in intersections, but instead make sure to wait for the right time to proceed. The hope of this innovation is that no matter who the driver is, the car will always continue on safely.

Not only does the self driving car provide safety to passengers, but also it will look very futuristic and, has an interesting design. Instead of looking like a normal BMW or Tesla, it has a look of a futuristic-like pod with the Great Britain flag print on it. Inside the car, it will look normal, except it only has two seats, instead if the standard five.

These self driving cars are autonomous, meaning it is independent and, can act on it’s own. Many beings have agreed that self driving cars will help the world become a safer and, more relaxing place.

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  1. Mr. D says:

    Thanks for the article, Katie! Great idea, but the thing looks so tiny! How would I get a surfboard to the beach with that thing!!

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