Snowy and Hagrid’s Big Adventure: Part II

~ Continued from Part I ~


“Where to next?” asked Hagrid, the second night after their first breakout.

“Library,” answered Snowy tersely. “I want to see what I can find about Cavia furiadens.” In the library, Snowy tapped on the computers to search up Cavia. But, as soon as Snowy hit ‘Enter’ the computer crashed. Snowy rebooted the computer and tried again. This time, just before the computer crashed, the screen flickered to an image of a giant shadow, surrounded by a multitude of plants, most of them fern-like. The computer began to smoke. “Well, I guess we can’t search it up,” said Snowy.

“Should we brave the pipes again?” asked Hagrid.

“Um, well…” Snowy was at a loss for words. “Maybe not tonight. How about we look it up on Ms. Johnholt’s computer? It’s probably better made than these library computers, too.” Hagrid nodded his agreement. On Ms. Jonholt’s computer, Wikipedia was mysteriously blank, other than a small footnote that Snowy almost missed. The footnote said “A small pouch, consisting of a textile that looks like it was made of domesticated cotton, was found alongside a fossil.”

“Not useful. Whyyyyyy is there NOTHING about Cavia?!?” groaned Snowy. “That settles it. We’re going into the pipes to find out anything EVEN IF IT KILLS ME.”

~ in the pipes ~

“NOTHING AGAIN ARRRRRRG!!!!” yelled Snowy. Arrrrg arrrrg arrrrg echoed down the pipe. “Hold on, Snowy. There’s something shining down here; why don’t we investigate?” Hagrid asked. “Fine, but if it turns out to be just a shiny piece of foil, I’m personally pushing you down the next vent.” said Snowy.

“It’s not a piece of foil,” declared Snowy. “But what is it?” he wondered. A bluish-silver, pulsing light was shining out from spiral cracks in an iridescent rock. The rock was shaped like a talon: fat at one end and curving down to a point at the other. Picking up the rock in his forepaws and studying it, Snowy turned to ask Hagrid what it was… not noticing as he swung around to ask, the pointed end of the rock swept past him and made a small cut on Hagrid’s side.

“Hagrid? Do you know…..” Snowy trailed off. Hagrid was gone. “Hagrid! HAGRID!” Snowy threw the piece of rock away to find him…. not noticing the small cut the end of the talon-rock ade against his skin. He took a step forward… and everything went black.


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