Staff Kick It on Friday

Students don’t typically hang out after school on Friday. Maybe that’s for a good reason. Last Friday a number of Ross School staff donned ridiculous wigs, formed teams and played kickball. That’s right. Kickball.

A few students came to observe. They brought popcorn and other snacks. When Piper was asked for a comment she said the only thing better than this game was, “ice cream.” Principal Benson found the puddle at home plate a challenge, and Mr. Traut made an amazing save that had him flying through the air and using the kickball as a pogo stick.

As you can see there were new obstacles in the field, besides the age and physical limitations of the participants. A few days ago the city began a construction project and erected a large fence through the middle of the common.

Mr Jackson seemed undaunted by the fence and seemed to aim for it at every opportunity. In all, no one seems to know who won, they just remember laughing at Mr. Schmidt’s crazy wig.

So if you see some staff limping around the halls this week, just give them a high five and maybe give them a few pointers for next time.

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  1. Blake Schmidt says:

    And who can forget Mr. Jackson diving head first into second base to avoid a tag!

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