The life of a crow

A lot of crows live at Ross School. Have you ever wondered whats going on in their head?

Hi. my name is bear and I’m a crow. I live on ross common and love to eat the kids food. I know its bad, but I don’t get any other sources of food, so I have a point. My friend blue and I met up and flew to the grass. Ooh! Food! Blue ate a chip as I ate a piece of chicken. Yum! I started to see more food. But where is it coming from? The trash can ! Of course! “Blue!” I called. 

“What?” she annoyingly murmured.

“Why don’t we look in the  trash?” I exclaimed.

“I don’t know” She responded very quietly.

“C’mon, let’s go!” I exclaimed.

“But im too dumb.” Said blue.

“No you’re not. And trash is yummy and a couple feet away. You can do it.”

But before we could get there, kids came flowing out of the big building. “AHHHHHHH” We both screamed! We flew away. We went on top of the big building, where we would be safe. Or so we thought. 

We started to jump off of the building, but it was a long fall. I closed my eyes. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed. I remembered I could fly. I stuck my wings out and perched near a window. The children tapped on the glass, but I was safe.  Why do children have to be so mean!?! I flew away. Now, back to the chips… or should I say the garbage? “Come on blue” I said. “Ok ok, I’m coming.” she yelled at me.

 I started to sing along with the radio playing nearby.  But again the thing that stopped me, a janitor. “AHHHHHHHH HUMAN ALERT” I yelled at blue. “AHHHHHH WHAT THE HECK!!” She squaked at me. We flew away quickly and went on the roof. “Oh right!  Remember that we’re meeting wings today?” I asked Blue.

“Oh yeah, right!” He exclaimed. I was waiting for this day for almost a few years! Wings did have some negative points, though. She wasn’t always the brightest or nicest “come in! Let’s have some cookies” She said when we came in. “ oh yessss!” Blue exclaimed. 

“No” I Whispered to blue. “I know, I know.” Said blue. “It’s a little sketchy, but cookies, I mean c’mon!” She exclaimed happily. “No. wings is a good friend, but she may trick us. She may be the best flier, but not baker.” 

 “ok ok ok” Blue sighed.  “We’re good on the cookies. How about a fly instead?” I said. “ ok! Let’s go!” She responded. We flew to the courtyard and dug into the trash.  “Ohhhh” She said happily. “I see something….” 

“Woah” Her mouth flew open. “Its… FOOD HEAVEN!!”  “YEAH!!!!!!” Blue exclaimed. We landed and grabbed a chip bag out. “Wait a second…” said Ruffle as he appeared out of nowhere. “Its, it’s poisoned!” He exclaimed. We all jumped back. Kids came flowing out of the building. “It’s a trick!” Yelled Ruffle. We all flew away to my nest. “We’re safe now.” I said. I pulled a bag of scraps out of my nest. “ bon appetit!” I exclaimed. We dug in. It was getting late, so they all flew home. When I woke up, I flew to the courtyard bright and early. Soon, blue, ruffle, wings, magnolia, and bubble arrived. Today was the day of the humans’ summer break so we could finally relax. We decided to take a vacation to San Francisco.

We flew to the hotel in San Francisco. We went and explored the golden gate bridge, then we ate lunch and went to the beach. When it got late, we went to our room and went to bed. What a day!

credits: Stella Nemer, Emma Reilly, crows

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