The New Google Home Improves Everyday Tasks

Released on November 4, 2016, the Google Home improves your house security, and simple everyday tasks.

The Google Home is a rival product to the Amazon Echo. With over 30 tasks that it can perform, it definitely stands superior towards the Echo. Some of these tasks it can accomplish are being an alarm, a calculator, a calendar, games, a dictionary, light control, music, TV streaming, and a sports update. That’s not even close to half of the tasks that the new Alexa can manage!

The Google Home is also a voice responsive item, so with just a few simple words, you could have anything that it could manage. The new innovation comes in 7 colors which are carbon, copper, snow, mango, marine, violet, and painted steel. There is so much of variety to choose from with the Google Home!

You can purchase this invention mainly at the Google store or online at Google. Maybe  you should go to your local store and see yourself what you think of it!


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