The Turkey Bandit Strikes Again

Have you ever heard of the Turkey Bandit? The Turkey Bandit is a seasonal mischievous presence in Ross Middle School classrooms. There has been many people who have thought to be the turkey bandit an anonymous source states “I think it is definitely staff and more than one person, it could be Mr. Lescohier, Mrs. Jonholt, or Mr. Rice.” The same source says that it normally seems to happen around Thanksgiving time. One of the first of the turkey bandits pranks were stopwatches that went off randomly in many home room classes.  Last year, the first attack happened when a math classroom got totally turned upside down. Everything on the wall was flipped, including the clock and some posters that could only be reached by a ladder. Mrs. De la Porte found a heap of sawdust on her desk. Another teacher stated that the turkey bandit is good because it is brings awareness to the yearly Thanksgiving food and fund drive.

The drive was run by 8th graders, and every home room competed to bring the most mImage result for turkey banditoney. The home room that brought the most money, the Hoeveler home room, will receive a cupcake or brownie party. The grades brought in almost 1000 cans. The turkey bandit succeeded in getting people excited for the food and fund drive. This year so far we have had foot prints left in the hallway from the turkey bandit, and the stopwatch thing. Another teacher who remains anonymous stated that the turkey bandit “has a good heart but like messing with people.” If you donated, thank you so much for your contribution, and remember that the turkey bandit is always watching!

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