Third Graders Save the Animals

The third graders in Mrs. Etcheverria’s class are taking a stand by educating others about pollution and poaching. They have formed two groups and have spent the last few months researching, and writing. One group is focused on plastic pollution and how much plastic ends up in the oceans. The other group is trying to stop poaching, or the illegal hunting of animals. They are specifically focused on stopping the poaching of elephant tusks. 

Mrs. Etcheverria’s class went to Safari West earlier this month to talk about plastic pollution and poaching. While there they also learned about the consequences of poaching other animals such as the white rhinos which are facing extinction. Safari West is very focused on conservation and has dedicated staff working to spread awareness and raise money for various conservation groups all over the world. 

The third grade students shared with me some interesting facts that they learned such as: “100 African elephants die a day because of poaching.” Also, “four billion pounds of trash end up in our oceans every year.” The third graders shared these facts and more, along with their research papers with the conservation department at Safari West. They are hoping that through their research and persuasive writing, they will be able to influence people to help protect the environment too. 

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  1. Shanna Rader says:

    Thank you for your report! This is such inspiring news and I am so proud of Etcheverria’s third grade class! What worthy undertakings and newfound passions.

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