Tony Tutto Pizza

Tony Tutto Pizza opened in Ross over the summer of 2018.Image result for tony tuttos

The pizza shop replaced Eddies at the corner of Ross near the baseball field. Tony Tutto Pizza has no other locations so far, and it is opened Wednesday through Sunday from 11:30 through 9:00.

Tony Tutto Pizza serves vegan and non-vegan meals and has alternatives to pizza. They have a variety of pizzas, ranging from original pizzas such as cheese pizza, to more unique pizzas such as Tony Tutto’s Magic Mushroom pizza. They also offer weekly special pizzas. They have more than six vegan pizzas that have a unique and rich flavor. 

Justin Goldin, an 8th grader at Ross School said, “Tony Tuttos is really good. Their cheese is delicious. My sister Kaitlin worked there previously, and I got to see them make the pizzas and spread the olive oil all over the pizza.”  In a survey, Ross students think that Tony Tutto has good pizza, but a majority of people at Ross School haven’t been yet.

Most people liked Ross Landing, more commonly known as Eddie’s, more than Tony Tutto because they could stop by for small snacks that weren’t as filling as pizza. Lastly, most Ross School students like how Tony Tutto made their delicious pizza quickly, but they think it is a bit too expensive and should be sold by the slice.

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