Traditions of Christmas

Christmas is a religious holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. If you celebrate Christmas you would know that there is a lot of traditions that come with the holiday.

Hanging stockings above the fire place, decorating a Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies, spreading holiday cheer are just some of the best traditions Christmas can offer. Christmas is a time for seeing and speeding time with loved ones, family members from different places come together and exchange gifts.

One of the first traditions is a Christmas tree. The glimmering lights and ornaments hanging from each branch brings cheer. And without a tree where would Santa leave your presents? Image result for christmasBut the tree is not all.  DOn’t forget the stockings that people hang over the fire place to get stuffed with goodies from Santa. Christmas also comes with movies and music.

We all know Santa as the man that watches over us all year to make sure we are nice and not naughty. Most of also know that Santa lives at the north pole with Mrs. Claus and with all the Christmas elves that make each and every present. But don’t forget about the slay that Santa rides with his reindeer that guide him through the night to make sure he delivers all the Christmas presents.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? An Elf on the Shelf is an elf that comes every year around Christmas time to watch you and make sure you are behaving. Every night the elf goes back up to the north pole and reports back to Santa about how you have been behaving. And when the elf comes back to your house it will go to a different spot and when you wake up you have to find the elf, maybe hanging from the chandelier or on top of the flowers in the kitchen.

Stella Calhoun, a 6th grade middle school student states “I just love the holidays. I love walking up on Christmas morning with presents under the tree and speeding time with family.” Another 6th grade student states “I like traveling on Christmas Eve and then waking up in a new place on Christmas morning. I also love Christmas Caroling and Christmas music.”

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone at Ross School.


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