Two Touch

You may of heard of a game that’s starting to take up some popularity among the Ross School students during recess when the field is closed down due to muddiness. The majority of people who play Two Touch are Kickball Kids and people who play other kinds of activities on the field at the school. The field is closed during morning recess due to the sprinklers stopping right before recess and the field still being muddy and wet. While some people want to play Wall Ball against the Ross School Wall, the majority usually vote for Two Touch. There may be two games going on at one time if that will work.

 Two Touch is played by hitting the ball against the floor and then the wall. You can only let the ball touch the floor once before it hits the wall. You must hit the other teams ball before it hits the ground twice. You switch off turns hitting the ball. You use a kickball ball or a four square ball. There are two teams. Sometimes the teams are made up of solos (one person), pairs (two people), trios (three people) or squads (four people).

Some strategies are to hit the ball really close to the wall so the opponent won’t be able to run up and hit it, or hit the ball really far and high so the opponent won’t be able to run back and jump to get. Some people just like to hit the ball across the court. You generally hit the ball with the fist of your hand or the palm. Everyone has different strategies on how to do it.

This article was written by someone who plays and does this sport during recess. This information came from playing and doing this sport. The sport is played only by students of Ross School. This article/website is intended only for family, friends and the students\staff of Ross School. I hope you enjoyed this article and read other interesting articles on this website. 

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