Why Do So Many People Dislike Spanish?

Duolingo! Helping millions learn different languages.

First, Spanish Is pretty much a must-have language. I really do think that. But, how do we learn spanish without a teacher teaching you. If you are one of those kids out there who really want to learn spanish but just can’t stand being in a classroom doing it, try Duolingo.

Duolingo helps you learn spanish in pretty much every single topic ever. As you get better at it, you unlock new topics! Duolingo is a fast, and easier way to learn spanish!

Lots of kids think that Duolingo is WAY better than sitting in a classroom with actual teachers. Also, If you get something wrong on Duolingo, it tells you the correct way to do it! Another feature is, you can also learn any language you want, not just spanish!

How to get Duolingo on my tablet, phone or computer: It’s really simple, really. all you have to do is… 1. Download and install Duolingo. 2. Make an account or connect account. 3. Have fun learning any language you want!

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2 Responses

  1. Oliva Z says:

    i think that i sort of rude to the spanish teachers

  2. Emma R says:

    i love duolingo!

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