Why is throwing junk into space so bad?

Everyone is always saying “why don’t we just throw all our trash into space?” There are many reasons why throwing trash into space is bad. Throwing trash into space is very harmful to our atmosphere and to Earth even the it’s thousands of miles up. People just assume, just because it’s far up doesn’t mean it can hurt our planet.

Space junk is causing many problems for example, Space Junk is giving off a gas called methane which is causing green house gases to get worse which makes Global warming also to get worse. Guess how many pieces of junk there are in space? There’s more than 29,500 pieces of junk from satellites and other things. Also billion dollars worth of satellites are in threat due to space junk hitting them. Not only is space junk bad for our environment and atmosphere, but some of the bigger pieces of junk are falling to earth, creating huge amounts of damage. In 1996, a HUGE satellite collision happened. The whole satellite exploded into small pieces, joining pieces of junk. Collisions are still happening today. Do you think we should fix this problem?


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